Tris Desk


The Tris range aims to realize single and multiple workstations, that is why the program develops with different depths and lenghts. The structure is independent, thus permitting the use of melamine or glass tops.

Fundamental characteristics of tris program are the main desk with the hooked side extension, the free standing dactylo, and the workstation with an only shaped top. And further, the frontal screen and the frontal and side modesty panel.

the leg deep 80 cm of the operative version completes with the leg deep 60 cm of the extension, or with the leg deep 100 cm, which is typically directional.

There also exists the face to face option that puts the operators in front of each other and gathers the cable management in the middle of the desk; the structure in this case allows the stable lodging of melamine or glass screens, granting privacy to the operators.

The face to face desk is produced with double length legs, 120 cm (60+60) and 160 cm (80+80), ideal to build square meeting tables, both in melamine or glass.

Further to the classical configurations with extension or dactylo, the desk can be integrated with a side multi-purpose cupboard unit, that collects pedestal, hinged door unit and a middle space for pc unit, that can also be equipped with a pull out filing drawer.