NEW Joy-Line from £195+vat

A solution for the representative space that recalls the directional taste, an ambiance for strategic issues for each activity. The directional user has a large work space, usually completed by the side extension; the bearing structure in wood perimeters the desk at the sides and the front. The “taylor made” Joy Line personalises simple details to give technical quality and freshness to the theme, reinterpreting by an exclusive design the contact between legs and worktop, and using the creative colour key of wood and steel.

Metallic elements can be painted in the traditional finishing (white, silver and anthracite) or in the innovative red, yellow, green and blue. Also for the wooden components exist various colour solutions, and more, the larger thickness (40 mm) gives solidity and substance. Shape and colour mix in aesthetical results that are exclusive, and express the character and personality of the person who wears this combination.

from £195 + vat